Miller Excavation Inc. has been blessed with a customer base that has allowed us to have a wide variety of drilling experience.  We have been regularly exposed to and completed everything from 2” to +36” drills, that consist of everything from basic dirt road bores to +4,000’ rock bores under major water bodies and environmentally sensitive areas.  Our experience and advanced equipment additionally allows us the capability to offer complicated bore intersect services and advanced in-house wirelining.

We prioritize safety, environmental and quality service at MEI.  Part of the way that we accomplish this in our business model is to regularly purchase new drills, equipment and other tooling.  That philosophy has allowed us to always have equipment available to us that is state of the art technology and is at the absolute top of the industry standards. We currently own and  operate seventeen drills (which include five D100x140s, one D220x300 and one DD440T), as well as all the supporting equipment for our work.  We additionally maintain a full-time staff to regularly service and care for all of our equipment.  Our staff, and the drilling technology that we maintain, accounts for the effectiveness and dependability that our customers have come to count on.  That dependability in turn allows us to meet or exceed customer expectations.

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